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Save $$$ THIS SEASON with our drone service! Use our Cost and ROI Calculator to see how you can benefit!

AE Innovations ( is located in Edmonton, Alberta and uses drones to increase returns on crops of all kinds.  Our drones are not toys, they are high-tech flying robots with specialized processing to monitor plant health and growth.

Our goal is to save you money in a simple way: increase your yield and avoid losses, making you more than our service costs.

Our easy-to-read reports save you money by warning of problem areas, providing data for variable rate application, and giving you a health report.  We fly over your crops throughout the growing season (we recommend at least four flights per growing season.)

  1. We come to your property and use drone aircraft to take high-tech readings of your crops.
  2. We create a color-coded report to show crop health and growth, and we send them to you along with easy-to-read details, including photos of spot checks of different areas.  We can also provide variable rate application data.
  3. This lets you quickly and easily make effective decisions about crop management.

Never before have tools like this been so easily available to growers.  We completely handle the technical side and any necessary permits.  The robots and computers do all the work, and we send the results straight to you.  It is safe, it is fast, and it is useful.

Our service is for you if:

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